Anger Management

Woman climbing the walls

Climbing the Walls

I’ve been climbing the walls lately! 😳 For lots of reasons in all fairness, but on a literal level, because I go bouldering🧗‍♀️. Bouldering is one of the things I do to challenge myself, to take me out of my comfort zone 🫣. And let me tell you, it works ...
Woman holding a coin

Every Subject is Two Subjects

❓ Do you consider both sides of the coin? 🛣️Imagine the joys of the open road and the freedom of the journey. 💥What about the risks of the unpredictable nature of driving? 💕The fun of getting to know someone new and finding your own individual “happily ever after”! 🚩Are there ...

What is Anger

Anger is a feeling NOT a behaviour. Anger isn’t negative. It’s a feeling. Feelings aren’t positive or negative. They just are. Anger is a signpost. It tells us to pay attention because something needs attention – a problem, an issue, a concern. It’s there to guide us. Anger is a ...

Emotional Wellbeing as an Integral Part of Organisational Culture

🛎️ How do businesses maintain a culture of emotional wellbeing without sacrificing productivity? 📈 Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for mental health expertise by all business sectors has never been higher from leaders wanting to know how to help employees stay and do well. Here are a few ...

How Do You Feel?

Do you struggle to express your feelings? 🤔 If so, here are some reasons why: 🚫 The British culture prides itself in maintaining a ‘stiff upper lip’😐. We like to ‘grin and bear it’ and ‘keep calm and carry on’. Most of us are not taught HOW to express our ...

What it means to belong

Do you fit in❓ We all want to belong, don’t we❓ But what happens when fitting in doesn’t feel right❓ Fitting in means gaining validation from others and abiding by their rules while our relationship with ourselves breaks down. It’s like being stuck in an uncomfortable ‘comfort’ zone 😬. Conversely, ...

Nine Ways to Disguise One Emotion!

Question: What ONE emotion can all these behaviours signal?

How to Complete the Stress Cycle

❓Did you know that “just because you’ve dealt with a stressor doesn’t mean you’ve dealt with the stress itself”? 😮 💡 In their book “Burnout”, Emily and Amelia Nagoski state that dealing with a stressor and dealing with stress are completely different processes. 🤔 Consider these stressors:

From Resistance to Taking Responsibility

🛎️All negative emotions are caused by RESISTANCE. When we feel angry, depressed, discouraged, fearful, or stressed we focus on justifying the situation we are in: 😠I’m angry because… I was just blamed for something that wasn’t my responsibility😔I’m depressed because… it doesn’t seem to matter how hard I work, it ...

Anger and Fear: Flipsides of the same coin

❓Is there a connection between anger and fear? 💡Anger is the flipside of the fear coin. 💢 Anger is the “fight”🥊and fear is the “flight”🏃🏽of the fight-or-flight survival response, the only difference being that we run in opposite directions; anger runs towards the threat (real or perceived) and fear runs ...