These are some of my clients testimonials...

I suffered a sequence of life events. I was badly effected by menopausal depression, my husband developed a mental illness and left me in the week that my mother died. I was burgled in my home as I slept. My husband admitted to an affair and I had to contemplate a divorce. All in the space of six months. Sometimes I felt like I was in a bad soap opera and wanted to simply die – but for my two young sons.

Dawn literally saved my life. She has helped me make sense of every knock back. Find the focus to successfully complete a course of study. See and shape a future. Helped me understand the motivation of others and their effect on me. More importantly I’ve realised my own strength and empowerment through her support. My only regret is not having met her earlier.

T, Altrincham

‘I found Dawn when I was at my lowest point. I’d previously tried counselling, CBT and even hypnosis over a number of years without success. I had one failed marriage and my long term relationship was on the rocks. I knew I had an issue with communication, self belief and anger. Dawn enabled me to see things clearly, understand my strengths and weaknesses, my pressure points and triggers. She taught me the difference between good anger and destructive anger but also how to voice my concerns in an appropriate manner. She guided me through the process, step by step encouraging me look inside myself for the drivers of my issues. I never felt rushed nor under a time constraint.

Dawn is extremely approachable and allows you work at your own pace in a very relaxed environment. She has changed how I look at life, she has enabled me to save/grow my relationship and also how to manage myself. I would highly recommend Dawn and I will continue my contact with her throughout my life as challenges arise as I believe she is now an invaluable part as learning/development of yourself never stops’

Sarah – Cheshire

I contacted Dr Dawn because I had been diagnosed with depression and had been seeking help for a number of years. I had a number of brief interventions by ‘volunteer’ counsellors as well as a course of CBT. Dr Dawn helped me by using different techniques to help me to share my thoughts and feelings. When I first started working with Dr Dawn it was evident that I was unable to identify and share my feelings. The very first piece of work, and perhaps the most important, was to help me to understand the difference between feelings and emotions and to give me the tools to recognise the way I felt and the ability to share them. Working with Dr Dawn has resulted in a significant improvement in my emotional wellbeing. My GP initially diagnosed me with and treated me for depression, through work with Dr Dawn it has been identified that I am suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) co-morbid with depression. The diagnosis of PTSD changed the focus of my work with Dr Dawn and as such has enabled me to focus on identifying the signs and creating strategies to manage PTSD. The things I liked about the way Dr Dawn worked with me was that she was open to work with me in ways that I needed, she was able to adapt her therapeutic approach to encompass a range of therapeutic ideas:

  • Art therapy
  • CBT
  • Anger management
  • Stress management
  • Play therapy
  • Teaching
  • Person centred therapy (journal, first aid box)
I found working with Dr Dawn challenging at times, rewarding at others but always safe and supportive. I would recommend Dr Dawn to anyone who may be struggling with their own emotional wellbeing.

Sarah – Cheshire

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