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Anger and Stress Management

What Is Your Side of The Story ?

If someone tells you their side of the story, they tell you why they behaved in a particular way and why they think they were right, when other people think that person behaved wrongly.

Welcome to New Dawn Psychology Ltd

Chartered Psychologist specialising in anger & stress management

My expertise in managing anger and stress can help you work through a number of life’s difficulties enabling you to respond to them with clarity and dignity. I can help you improve your relationships, work life, children’s behaviour and own sense of self. We’ll work to reduce the distress caused by life’s difficulties and prevent them from escalating further, all in the comfort of a private and confidential environment. Based in Hale near Altrincham in Cheshire and sessions are currently held on Zoom or Skype.

Dr Dawn Sant - Psychologist

Dr Dawn Sant BSc PhD

Understanding yourself and others, helping you build better relationships for a happier life.

I’m Dr Dawn Sant and have a private psychology practice in Hale near Altrincham Cheshire.

I am a Chartered Psychologist with specialised training in anger and stress management with the British Association of Anger Management.

It is wise to seek professional help if...


Frequently Asked Questions

Fees for psychologists vary between £90 - £180 depending upon the type and level of training they have undergone, the number of years of experience they have, and their location.

Psychologists who work for the NHS can be accessed for free via a referral from your GP. You can also access the NHS talking therapies service (known as Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) for free via a referral from your GP or you can refer yourself directly.

Private psychologists are not funded by the NHS and typically do not require a referral from your GP.
A psychologist is someone who specialises in understanding the human mind and behaviour. The word ‘psychologist’ is an umbrella term that includes anyone with a 3-4 year undergraduate psychology degree recognised by the British Psychological Society. Many psychologists go on to study a range of postgraduate degrees that take anywhere between 2 and 7 years to complete.

The word ‘therapist’ is also an umbrella term that includes any professional who is trained to provide treatment for people to improve some aspect of their health or mental health. There are numerous different types of therapists, including psychologists, all with different levels of training and different approaches.

Yes, you can self-refer to a psychologist provided that you are going to cover the fees yourself.

Only psychologists with certain qualifications are able to make diagnoses.