About Me​

Dr Dawn Sant BSc PhD

My career so far has largely centred around anger and stress management and looks set to continue that way. I have a degree in psychology, a PhD in anger and stress management, and I lectured in stress and stress management to psychology undergraduates for 4 years. I completed my diploma in anger and stress management with the British Association of Anger Management (BAAM) and am now a qualified anger and stress management trainer.

My doctoral research was inspired by findings from American studies which reported that the causes of heart disease may be as much to do with anger and stress as with traditional risk factors, such as smoking and high blood pressure. I worked with heart patients to test out a therapeutic programme designed to reduce stress and anger.

My lecturing role enabled me to build upon and broaden my knowledge of anger and stress. It lead me to explore research findings which linked stress with a range of illnesses, and to investigate psychological methods of managing stress.

Finally, I enlisted myself on BAAM’s diploma course in 2006 to become an anger and stress management facilitator. This course provided me with a perfect opportunity to marry my clinical, research and teaching experience with my ambition to work as a practitioner. The experiential nature of this course means that, not only do I have the skills to deliver anger and stress management training, I have undergone the process myself.

 I would never have predicted that my personal experience of anger and stress management would have such a profound and positive impact on my own life. This has further fuelled my passion for anger and stress management and the challenges it brings. Unlike other practitioners, I focus solely on anger and stress interventions. My skills and experience along with the training I provide enable me to target anger and stress specifically and effectively.

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