What To Expect At Your Session

My private psychology practice is located in Hale, South Manchester and I can offer Private Sessions to suit your schedule. In general I recommend weekly sessions initially. The frequency of sessions can reduce with time and I offer one off ‘booster’ sessions when required. Don’t be hesitant to contact me regarding any queries you may have about the sessions I offer.

There are two important factors to consider here. Firstly, the material I use does work. It is work, not magic, and takes time.


Secondly, those that have made the decision to invest in themselves and have committed to the work have found that their lives have improved immensely. The nature of the work is psycho-educational and contains around 10 hourly sessions worth of material. I recommend giving an equal number of sessions to consolidating this material for optimal integration into your daily life. It is also important to schedule in the initial and final consultations. 

During the initial consultation I discuss general ‘housekeeping’ rules so that we are clear about how best to work together. During the final consultation I summarise your anger management story – the roots of your anger, your anger triggers, and the new tools you have learned to manage these situations.

N.B. Cancellations should be made at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment or you will be charged the full sessional fee.