What it means to belong

Do you fit in❓

We all want to belong, don’t we❓

But what happens when fitting in doesn’t feel right❓

Fitting in means gaining validation from others and abiding by their rules while our relationship with ourselves breaks down. It’s like being stuck in an uncomfortable ‘comfort’ zone 😬.

Conversely, belonging means accepting ourselves for who we are, which isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Being authentic and vulnerable can be hard edges to navigate. It can mean going against the flow, being met with disapproval and failing other’s expectations😬.

Both fitting in and belonging can be uncomfortable, and both can feel lonely😔. So, what do we do❓

Choosing to belong is choosing ourselves. Choosing ourselves is meeting our own emotional needs, not everyone else’s. It is being brave🐯and boundaried. Choosing ourselves means UNSUBSCRIBING FROM THE PATRIARCHY. It’s being a trailblazer, a rebel, a whistle-blower, a risk-taker, an entrepreneur; it’s fear in your face, making a move, failing, living with uncertainty, no guarantees; it’s diversity, equality and inclusion in a nutshell. This is when we truly belong💖.

What will you choose❓

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