Anger and Fear: Flipsides of the same coin

❓Is there a connection between anger and fear?

💡Anger is the flipside of the fear coin.

💢 Anger is the “fight”🥊and fear is the “flight”🏃🏽of the fight-or-flight survival response, the only difference being that we run in opposite directions; anger runs towards the threat (real or perceived) and fear runs away from it.

😱 Fear can lead to anxiety, stagnation, and life dissatisfaction. It can prevent us from taking action, stepping out of our comfort zone and reaching our full potential.

😠 Where there is fear, anger isn’t usually far behind. Anger can be fear-based when used in self-defence and can be a response to fear.

💡At their core, both fear and anger are rooted in feelings of control. When we feel fear and anxiety we tend to feel as though we have lost control over a particular situation or circumstance. Anger is, in many cases, a means of regaining control and neutralising our fear. Anger helps us take action by giving us the strength, energy and motivation to do so.

🧐 Anger management gives you insights into your fears and anxieties, and many of the interventions and strategies that work to manage anger are also effective ways to calm anxiety.

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