Emotional Wellbeing as an Integral Part of Organisational Culture

🛎️ How do businesses maintain a culture of emotional wellbeing without sacrificing productivity?

📈 Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for mental health expertise by all business sectors has never been higher from leaders wanting to know how to help employees stay and do well.

Here are a few ways in which businesses can show employees they matter, and their emotional wellbeing is important:

🌱 Build a high-trust culture to help employees feel seen and heard. Trust employees to self-regulate and get their work done efficiently without micromanaging their time.

👀 Acknowledge that emotional wellbeing affects us all in some shape or form rather than stigmatising those struggling with theirs.

💗 Foster a sense of belonging – especially for those working remotely – by asking employees what they need or want to show you’re invested in them.

💫 Ensure that wellbeing initiatives are aligned with organisational values, policies and practises and are not token gestures that can’t be followed through.

Prioritising emotional wellbeing in the workplace is a key factor in running a successful business 🗝. By increasing job satisfaction, engagement, and motivation, it strengthens, not sacrifices, productivity💡.

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