Every Subject is Two Subjects

Woman holding a coin

❓ Do you consider both sides of the coin?

🛣️Imagine the joys of the open road and the freedom of the journey.

💥What about the risks of the unpredictable nature of driving?

💕The fun of getting to know someone new and finding your own individual “happily ever after”!

🚩Are there any potential red flags?

💸Reaping the rewards of a potentially lucrative return on investment.

⚡Have I forgotten the risk of a potential loss?

🧭Experiencing novel cultures and sights and creating lasting memories.

⚠️What cautions do I need to be aware of in unfamiliar places?

➿According to Abraham Hicks, every subject is two subjects. There are always the wanted aspects of a situation or person, and there is always the absence of the wanted aspects of a situation or person.

🧐 Some of us may be more likely to focus on the positives of a particular situation, while others may be more likely to focus on the negatives. These biases can change depending on the context and the particular issue at hand.

💡It is important to consider BOTH sides of the coin in order to gain a fuller, more balanced understanding of any person or situation and make more informed decisions.

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