Trying Things On

Have you ever tried to be like someone else? I saw 2 teenage girls walking along together, talking away to each other, and noticed that one of them seemed distracted by the difficulty she was having walking in her shoes. They were ‘heels’ and she appeared to be struggling with …

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Anger-Love's Great Defender

Anger: Love’s Great Defender

I ❤️ love anger 💢. I am passionate about anger because, like love, anger is passionate. ‍❤️‍🔥 💢Anger shows how much we care about something, that it matters that something isn’t ok, that something’s wrong, that there’s a problem. 💢Anger tells us that something needs attention and isn’t to be ignored …

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Anger Management: Seeing Red?

We express our emotions in an array of colour; seeing red , being yellow-bellied, tickled pink , green with envy, browned off or white with rage. We might be in a black mood or feeling blue, and we can experience them all with a purple passion. These are all expressions …

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Covid-19, Lockdown and Anger Management

At the risk of over-stating the over-stated, we are living in unprecedented times. Covid-19 has caused lockdown and we are alone, together.

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