Carefree or stress spree this Christmas?

🎉🌟’Tis the season to be jolly …so let’s avoid the festive folly 🤪!

🎄🥂 As we dive into the festive season, so we dive into the magical mix of #stress, Christmas parties, and the not-so-magical consequences of one too many festive beverages!

🎊🎶 Picture the office Christmas bash – set meal, open bar, Christmas playlist serenading in the background, and promises of not talking about work 🙊. It’s all about letting our hair down (metaphorically), letting go of our #stress and embracing the holiday spirit (metaphorically and literally).

🍹🍷 A glass of holiday cheer can be just what we need to get the party started – mulled wine, Christmas cocktails, Eggnog, Snowballs and Sherry (think I’m showing my age…). BUT REMEMBER, while they sink our #stress, they also strip away our inhibitions!

🙊🤦 The next morning arrives with more memorable moments we’d prefer to forget than remember 🛅. Did I really challenge the CEO to a dance-off?🕺💃 #StressSquared

🙌 🕊️ Sinking our #stress with drinks only leads to more ‘spirited’ office gossip and a cocktail of regrets the morning after. So here are a few tips for a regret-free celebration!

  1. Moderation is the Name of the Game – Enjoy the festive fun, but keep it merry and bright. Play the long game, sip slowly, don’t mix drinks and match each one with a glass of water to save yourself from being haunted by the ghost of Christmas Past. 👻
  2. Plan Your Escape Route – Have an exit strategy in place. Whether it’s a designated driver or a booked taxi, plan ahead to avoid those awkward reindeer dances. 🦌
  3. Festive Self-Control – Skip the mistletoe madness. It’s not a permission slip so steer clear. ☠️
  4. Santa’s List of Appropriate Topics – Avoid office gossip and keep the conversation upbeat. Try throwing some heat on the naughty elves! 🧝

🌟✨ Don’t let #stress sabotage your jolly with unnecessary folly, and make this Christmas one to remember …for all the right reasons!

😂💡Please share your funny festive party stories and your go-to strategies for avoiding those cringe-worthy moments!

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