Carefree or stress spree this Christmas?

🎉🌟’Tis the season to be jolly …so let’s avoid the festive folly 🤪! 🎄🥂 As we dive into the festive season, so we dive into the magical mix of #stress, Christmas parties, and the not-so-magical consequences of one too many festive beverages! 🎊🎶 Picture the office Christmas bash – set ...
Woman climbing the walls

Climbing the Walls

I’ve been climbing the walls lately! 😳 For lots of reasons in all fairness, but on a literal level, because I go bouldering🧗‍♀️. Bouldering is one of the things I do to challenge myself, to take me out of my comfort zone 🫣. And let me tell you, it works ...
white flower

Weathering the storm

🎢Life can be full of ups and downs, and sometimes the #stresses and #challenges we face can seem overwhelming. 🌾This beautiful snowdrop, with its elegant petals and subtle markings, serves as a reminder that #resilience is ingrained in the fabric of life. Despite their delicate and fragile appearance, they have ...

How Do You Feel?

Do you struggle to express your feelings? 🤔 If so, here are some reasons why: 🚫 The British culture prides itself in maintaining a ‘stiff upper lip’😐. We like to ‘grin and bear it’ and ‘keep calm and carry on’. Most of us are not taught HOW to express our ...

How to Complete the Stress Cycle

❓Did you know that “just because you’ve dealt with a stressor doesn’t mean you’ve dealt with the stress itself”? 😮 💡 In their book “Burnout”, Emily and Amelia Nagoski state that dealing with a stressor and dealing with stress are completely different processes. 🤔 Consider these stressors:

Amygdala Hijack

🚩Have you heard of the AMYGDALA HIJACK? The fight or flight response is activated by the amygdalae – two almond-shaped structures, no bigger than a couple of cubic centimetres, each located near the centre of our brain in the temporal lobes 🧠. The amygdalae decide whether external stimuli like sights ...