Anger: Love’s Great Defender

Anger-Love's Great Defender

I ❤️ love anger 💢.

I am passionate about anger because, like love, anger is passionate. ‍❤️‍🔥

💢Anger shows how much we care about something, that it matters that something isn’t ok, that something’s wrong, that there’s a problem.

💢Anger tells us that something needs attention and isn’t to be ignored and swept under the carpet.

💢Anger demands that we take action, that we do something to rectify difficult or unjust situations.

Did you know that the colour red represents both love and anger throughout most of the world? ❤️💢

Consider the possibility that the reason for this is because anger is love’s ally. Anger tells us where love is missing and where love is needed. Anger is love’s great defender. Anger is passionate about love! 💢🔥❤️

In other words, anger shows us where love needs to be infused, where we need to pay attention, and when we need to tune in and listen to ourselves. ‍❤️‍🔥

In this way, anger promotes optimism, helps relationships, and improves self-awareness. ❤️

So, learn to love your anger, and it will bring you endless love in return.❤️

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