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Woman climbing the walls

Climbing the Walls

I’ve been climbing the walls lately! 😳 For lots of reasons in all fairness, but on a literal level, because I go bouldering🧗‍♀️. Bouldering is one of the things I do to challenge myself, to take me out of my comfort zone 🫣. And let me tell you, it works …

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Anger-Love's Great Defender

Anger: Love’s Great Defender

I ❤️ love anger 💢. I am passionate about anger because, like love, anger is passionate. ‍❤️‍🔥 💢Anger shows how much we care about something, that it matters that something isn’t ok, that something’s wrong, that there’s a problem. 💢Anger tells us that something needs attention and isn’t to be ignored …

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