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Every Subject is Two Subjects

❓ Do you consider both sides of the coin? 🛣️Imagine the joys of the open road and the freedom of the journey. 💥What about the risks of the unpredictable nature of driving? 💕The fun of getting to know someone new and finding your own individual “happily ever after”! 🚩Are there …

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What is Anger

Anger is a feeling NOT a behaviour. Anger isn’t negative. It’s a feeling. Feelings aren’t positive or negative. They just are. Anger is a signpost. It tells us to pay attention because something needs attention – a problem, an issue, a concern. It’s there to guide us. Anger is a …

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Emotional Wellbeing as an Integral Part of Organisational Culture

🛎️ How do businesses maintain a culture of emotional wellbeing without sacrificing productivity? 📈 Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for mental health expertise by all business sectors has never been higher from leaders wanting to know how to help employees stay and do well. Here are a few …

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How Do You Feel?

Do you struggle to express your feelings? 🤔 If so, here are some reasons why: 🚫 The British culture prides itself in maintaining a ‘stiff upper lip’😐. We like to ‘grin and bear it’ and ‘keep calm and carry on’. Most of us are not taught HOW to express our …

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What it means to belong

Do you fit in❓ We all want to belong, don’t we❓ But what happens when fitting in doesn’t feel right❓ Fitting in means gaining validation from others and abiding by their rules while our relationship with ourselves breaks down. It’s like being stuck in an uncomfortable ‘comfort’ zone 😬. Conversely, …

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Nine Ways to Disguise One Emotion!

Question: What ONE emotion can all these behaviours signal?

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How to Complete the Stress Cycle

❓Did you know that “just because you’ve dealt with a stressor doesn’t mean you’ve dealt with the stress itself”? 😮 💡 In their book “Burnout”, Emily and Amelia Nagoski state that dealing with a stressor and dealing with stress are completely different processes. 🤔 Consider these stressors:

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From Resistance to Taking Responsibility

🛎️All negative emotions are caused by RESISTANCE. When we feel angry, depressed, discouraged, fearful, or stressed we focus on justifying the situation we are in: 😠I’m angry because… I was just blamed for something that wasn’t my responsibility😔I’m depressed because… it doesn’t seem to matter how hard I work, it …

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Anger and Fear: Flipsides of the same coin

❓Is there a connection between anger and fear? 💡Anger is the flipside of the fear coin. 💢 Anger is the “fight”🥊and fear is the “flight”🏃🏽of the fight-or-flight survival response, the only difference being that we run in opposite directions; anger runs towards the threat (real or perceived) and fear runs …

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Amygdala Hijack

🚩Have you heard of the AMYGDALA HIJACK? The fight or flight response is activated by the amygdalae – two almond-shaped structures, no bigger than a couple of cubic centimetres, each located near the centre of our brain in the temporal lobes 🧠. The amygdalae decide whether external stimuli like sights …

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