Relationship Break Downs, Separation & Divorce

I will guide you to respond to challenging situations with clarity and integrity. In the long term it will help you maintain and build healthier relationships with those around you and, most importantly, yourself.

When a relationship has already ended, it is important to recognise that the underlying problems that lead to the breakdown remain unresolved. These tend to continue to play out between you and your ex-partner, causing a strain upon any future interactions with them. This is why break-ups are often bitter and, indeed, is likely to have contributed to many acrimonious and expensive divorce cases over the years. 

This can also impact upon and contaminate existing relationships with family, friends and colleagues as well as any future romantic relationships. I support individuals through relationship breakdowns, separation and divorce to help minimise the impact that these unresolved issues can have upon your relationship with your ex-partner, as well as your existing relationships with family, friends and colleagues, and indeed new relationships. In the short term this reduces much unnecessary distress in an already stressful situation.